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Remington (dark-blue collar) is the pick of the litter male. A big, beautiful solid blue/grey pup. Remington is one of 11 puppies from parent dogs Johnny & Miss Sassafrass of Upper Cumberland K9.

About Remington

Remington. Pick of the litter male big boy largest of the litter. Solid blue (gray). Very strong & smart. Exudes confidence and moves fast considering his size. He likes to communicate with his teeth and already has a strong bite. Very extremely food motivated. He will be 80-90 lbs as an adult.


Fedor's price includes a $500 deposit and a $2,500 final payment.

Deposit:                              $500

Puppy payment:             $2,500

Total:                                 $3,000

  • Includes vaccinations, deworming, a vet check, access to Good Dog’s Puppy Training Program (a $235 value), 10% lifetime discount on insurance, and more.

What's included

Sire & Dam

Sire - Johnny
Sire - Johnny

Sweet and strong gray sable boy very intelligent. Completed advanced obedience and loves obstacle course activities. Fearless and currently doing entry level protection training. Big boy muscular and excellent confirmation. One of the most beautiful blue (gray) Sable Malinois’s you’ll ever see.


Registered Name: Jonathan Steele Of Upper Cumberland
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Gender: Male
Age: Over 1 Years Old
Color: Gray Sable (Non-Standard)
Size: 75 Pounds
Sire: PallMall (Olvera) DN6944401 (AKC DNA #V10006223)

Dam: Broadcreek’s Gracie DN6807003 

Cartouche bloodline imported from Holland. Great Granddaughter of the late great Cartouche. Very rare Solid Blue beauty, tall and weighs in at 72 pounds. She has a medium drive with a calm temperament. Obedience trained and she’s great with children, dogs and other animals.

Registered Name: Braveheart Blue Steel
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Gender: Female
Age: Over 2 Years Old
Color: Gray (Non-Standard)
Size: 72 Pounds
Sire: Fredrik Von Holzerland DN60942011
Dam: Adolfine Von Holzerland DN62974706

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