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Owner Training

The Owner Training Program offered by Upper Cumberland K9 is designed to teach owners how to become the ultimate pack leader for their dogs. The program focuses on helping owners establish a clear chain of command in the home and teaches them effective communication techniques that will help build trust between owner and pet. This program also helps owners learn how to properly care for their Belgian Malinois, including proper nutrition and exercise, grooming techniques, and common health concerns. Upper Cumberland K9 also offers a variety of obedience commands to help keep owners and their Belgian Malinois safe in any situation. Finally, the program teaches owners how to recognize early signs of stress or fear in their dog so that they can provide the necessary support before the behavior becomes problematic. With this training program, owners are sure to have a well-behaved and happy Belgian Malinois that is a joy to be around.

Upper Cumberland K9 provides experienced trainers who are eager to answer questions and provide education throughout the training process. They strive to develop an understanding between the owner and the dog, while teaching them how to effectively communicate with each other. With comprehensive training sessions and a wealth of resources, owners will be able to gain the knowledge they need to create a successful bond with their Belgian Malinois.

At Upper Cumberland K9, we believe that training should be an enjoyable experience for both owner and dog. We strive to make these sessions fun and rewarding so that owners can create a strong connection with their pet while learning how to be the best pack leader. With our Belgian Malinois Owner Training Program, owners can rest assured that their beloved pet is well cared for and understands how to behave in any environment.

Enroll in Upper Cumberland K9’s Belgian Malinois Owner Training Program today and start building a strong relationship with your four-legged companion!

How to apply for a puppy

It can take as little as a day depending on the circumstance! Some of our customers want a specific type of puppy, such as low-high drive, runt, pick of the litter, color, etc. If this applies to you, then you are welcome to send a deposit and we will let you know when your preferred puppy is available! A lot of our puppies sell out before even being born!

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