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Do Belgian Malinois Shed? The Answer May Suprise You!

If you have ever owned a dog, you know that it can shed quite a bit. What about Belgian Malinois? Do these dogs shed as much as other breeds? Let’s take a look at what causes Belgian Malinois to shed and how you can manage the shedding. At Upper Cumberland K9 we want you to learn more.

Belgian Malinois Are Great Family Members

The Belgian Malinois is one of the most beloved canine companions for families around the world. Not only are they intelligent and loyal, but they also possess unparalleled energy.

This makes them great additions to any household since their enthusiasm and keen intellect can be used to bring out the best in everyone in your family. With proper training, the Malinois can provide love and protection while quickly becoming a cherished member of your home. They don’t require excessive attention, yet their loving presence speaks volumes when it comes to making memories together with your family.

Shedding in General

Shedding is a common occurrence among many species of mammals, including humans.

How often each species sheds will vary depending on factors such as the climate and season in which it lives as well as the individual’s health and genetic makeup. The shedding process involves the hair of fur being released from its follicle and replaced with new growth. It is an important biological process that helps keep animals from becoming too hot during summer months, yet warm enough during colder weather.

With proper care, shedding can become less stressful for any animal that participates in it, making it better for their overall health and well-being.

Minimize the Belgian Malinois Shedding

At Upper Cumberland K9, we understand that the Belgian Malinois is a breed known for its tendency to shed. To help minimize this problem, we offer specialized training specifically catered to managing the coat of your pet. Not only will our training help reduce shedding, but it also assures a more pleasant relationship with your beloved companion.

At Upper Cumberland K9, we have an experienced team of certified trainers that have significant experience in successfully reducing shedding with the Belgian Malinois. We can train your pet so you don’t have to, allowing you to better enjoy the time spent together without worrying about excess fur. So if you’re looking for a surefire way to minimize shedding from your Belgian Malinois, then look no further than Lower Cumberland K9 we will train the Belgian Malinois for you!


The American Kennel Club is clear that there are no completely hypoallergenic dogs, yet some breeds have been deemed to be more allergen-resistant than others. The Poodle, Schnauzer, and Sealyham Terrier can be classified as such; however, the Belgian Malinois cannot.

The Popularity of this Dog Breed

The Belgian Malinois has become popular in recent years, especially among those who are looking for a highly energetic and faithful companion. Their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature make them ideal guard dogs as well as family pets. Furthermore, their stunning good looks and agility have made them a favorite of the dog-show world.

Named after the Belgian town of Malines (Mechelen in French), the distinctively handsome Belgian Malinois stands out among its kin. It is one of several variations of the Belgian Shepherd breed, all named for cities within Belgium.

The Belgian dog breed is very loyal. At Upper Cumberland K9 we understand that, and we offer a training program to make it easier for future Belgian Malinois owners. Belgian Malinois coat colors range from medium fawn to mahogany. Black masking is also common, as are white markings on the chest and toes.

The Belgian Malinois is a double-coated breed and an outercoat of coarse hair that repels water.  A double coat provides a protective layer of outer hairs that repel water and keep the inner coat dry. This provides superior insulation to guard against extreme temperatures. Contrary to popular belief the Belgian Malinois breed does not have the same dog’s coat as German shepherds. If you be a new dog owner and you do not anything about dog hair we inform you at Upper Cumberland K9.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Belgian Malinois is not considered hypoallergenic. While they are low shedders, they do shed and may trigger allergies in some people who are sensitive to pet dander. Regular grooming can help reduce the amount of shedding from your pet and minimize allergy symptoms.

It is recommended that you groom your Belgian Malinois at least once a month. This will help keep their fur healthy and reduce the amount of loose hair in your home. Additionally, regular brushing can help prevent mats or tangles from forming in their coat.

A slicker brush, or pin brush, is the recommended type for grooming your Belgian Malinois. This type of brush is designed specifically for short-haired breeds and helps to remove dirt, debris, and excess hair from their coat. It also helps to distribute natural oils throughout their fur, keeping it healthy and shiny.

The Belgian Malinois was originally bred as a working dog for herding livestock and guarding property. They are highly trainable, intelligent dogs that make excellent guard dogs and police K9s. They are also still used to herd sheep and cattle in some parts of the world.

Belgian Malinois dogs are popular herding breeds because they are highly intelligent and have the energy and stamina needed to herd livestock. They have the natural instincts necessary to do their job well and can easily be trained in commands for more complex tasks.

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