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Fujin (SOLD)

SOLD – Fujin (also known as the God of wind in Japan) is really a character! Full of love and energy, he has great potential

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Conor (SOLD)

SOLD – Conner is a very well balanced, sweet male. Conor is one of 8 puppies from parent dogs Su & Kodi of Upper Cumberland.

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Fedor (SOLD)

SOLD – A handsome, well balanced pup. He has a medium-high drive. He loves his toys, play and adores human cuddles.

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Jullianna (SOLD)

SOLD – High energy high prey & ball drive, balanced temperament & sweet disposition. Extremely coordinated, loves biting & driving into a bite source.

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Dakota (SOLD)

SOLD – Green collar. 1st pick female & largest girl in the litter. Perfect confirmation. Dakota is dominant, confident & intelligent. Calm disposition & balanced temperament.

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Spyder (SOLD)

SOLD – Very sweet & beautiful puppy loaded with personality. Size 65-70 pounds as an adult. Balanced disposition & medium to high prey drive.

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Chael (SOLD)

SOLD – Very athletic and extremely intelligent. Will likely be between 70 and 85 pounds as an adult.

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Uma (SOLD)

SOLD – Uma is very playful, intelligent and has a medium/high prey.

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